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With our expertise and local specialists in Miami, we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in embracing change, leading innovation, and shaping a new future for themselves and the industry.

Real Estate

Real estate forms the very foundation of human existence, serving as the primary arena where individuals spend approximately 90 percent of their lives engaging in activities such as dwelling, laboring, purchasing, and recreation. However, the realm of real estate has undergone enduring transformations in response to significant catalysts, namely the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and escalating economic unpredictability. These forces have permanently reshaped society’s demands, expectations, and desires concerning real estate.


Investors and organizations

Kuran Firm LLC collaborates with investors, property owners, real estate managers, and leading real estate organizations in Miami. These organizations, as the primary users and owners of spaces, aim to focus on these transformations and accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth that benefits businesses, environments, and the communities they serve.

Kuran Firm

1150 8th Street, Miami Beach, Florida 33139, United States

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Kuran Firm Investment & Management
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